Saturday, July 16, 2016

My True Story in 100 Words or Less

Reader's Digest has a recurring column called Your True Story in 100 Words or Less.  I have been intrigued by squeezing a memory into just a few words.  I don't do ANYTHING in 100 words or less!

Well, I gave it a shot.  It was hard, but fun!  Here is my submission.  I will let you know if they pick it for publishing!

Reared in large Mormon families, we happily grew our own. When the ultrasound revealed a perfectly formed, but still fetus of 18 weeks, my heart shattered. Telling my husband solidified my grief; my mom's cries intensified my own. But telling my four children there would be no baby magnified my grief unimaginably. Thinking there could be no solace, we wept together.  Then: a ray of light.  My 3 year old, big for his age, came to me.  In his deep, gravelly voice, he said with chubby hands on my cheeks, "Mom.  I'll be your baby."  My heart began to mend.

I hope you like it.  :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Why do kids think they can grow up?

Here are my boys, growing up!

Seth and Logan are headed out to a backpack overnight with the Boy Scouts. They left at 4:30.  Mitchell and Liesel were at waterpolo.

That left Jeremy and me with Jorgen.  One kid.  One kid?  What the crap? How did we get here?  I had 4 little kids that required constant supervision, peanut butter sandwiches, play dates, preschool, Play-Doh, barbies and endless viewing of Disney movies and Nick Jr.

It's crazy.  Don't get me wrong. I love the changes that life brings. I think that everyone should have teenagers and school age kids.  They are so much fun.  Fun,   funny and witty. Learning about the big, wide world and making moral judgments about the world around them.

I teach the teenagers at church.  It has been wonderful teaching the 13 year old kids Sunday School.  I have Seth in my class this year. I like to watch the kids sort out what they believe to be true.  I like to listen to them question what they have been taught. I like to give answers to their questions and watch them respond.  Seth is amazing. The kids in my class are smart and great.
Anyhoo, just a few of my ramblings. I put a bunch of this on Facebook, but who knows how accessible to my progeny that will be in 200 years?  Ok..  Bye til later!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Leaving Primary Children's

Well, today was an eventful day.  

After hugging about every person employed at Primary Children's, sharing cookies, yummy breads, salads and my supervisor's Better-Than-$#%-Cake, (and I actually saw a few patients), I turned in my badge and left Primary Children's.

I've done this before.  In 2012, I left for the ER at McKay.  It was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had.  I checked "Work in the ER" off of my bucket list.
I loved it.
But we all knew that I would be back.

Primary's is a part of me like maybe only my family, the church and Roy High are.

I don't know if I will go back.

Mostly, while I have been contemplating this move I have felt relief.  I work too much.  I am a cranky, mean mom when I work too much.  Which is always.  Working at ORMC as a hospitalist is so interesting and mentally rewarding.  (My kids call me "House").  But it is taxing as well.

Primary Children's Same Day Surgery was a bright spot in my week. The kids are so cute and innocent and smart and clean and funny.  You just can't have a better patient than a pediatric patient.

Until going to Primary's became stressful too.  Because some weeks I was working upwards of 60 hours if I was at both places. (Granted, it was only twice a month, but twice a month for 2 years can become a grind).

I have looked for a full time gig at PCH.  There just hasn't been one that was a good fit. Or I applied too late.  Or the job was just as busy as I am now...only 51 miles away.

Anyway, about a month ago, I decided that something had to give.  I know that I have been with Intermountain for 21 years.  But I was starting to crack.  After prayer, pleading with the universe, talking it over with Jeremy, Melinda and finally having my Mom tell me what to do (she never stops telling me what to do.  And darn it, if she isn't always right)  I decided that I had to pull the trigger... so to speak.

I typed up a letter of resignation.  Mostly, I felt relief.

Today, I was sad to say goodbye to my friends, but I felt relief.

Every day, I have been so excited to shave 24 hours of work out of my month.  Just so RELIEVED.

I joked with my friends today that I was going to schedule a big, ugly cry for 5:30 pm.

But I didn't cry then.

I am crying now.

Primary's has been so much to me.

I have worked:
Neuro/Trauma (formerly Rehab)
Pediatric ICU
Float Pool (ie Rapid Treatment, Newborn ICU, Emergency, Children's Surgical, Children's Medical, ImmunoCompromised Services, NTU, PICU and one shift in MRI)
and Same Day Surgery/PreOp/PostOp and PACU.
Both as an RN and a Nurse Practitioner,

Almost everything I know as a nurse came from Primary's. 

I was mentored by the best.  The best nurses and the best doctors. I worked with the best CNAs, Techs and Respiratory Therapists.  Back in my rehab days, the best physical therapists as well.

So, here are some images of the best place on the planet for a sick kid:

Superman, just hanging out upstairs

Mural of Jesus and the little children, 3rd Floor

SpiderMan, guarding the Coffee Cart.

 This guy was outside before the remodel. I don't know where he went.
(edit: I have been informed by my hubby and a fellow Primary's nurse, that this guy was moved to the 3rd floor by the Forever Young Zone)

 CT Scanner

 New clinic area

Old Entrance sign

Well, thank you for allowing me to trip down memory lane.

Primary's has been a HUGE part of my life. 

I have been blessed to work there, to serve children and their families.

It has been a gift, and I will miss it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer's End & Goodbye to Ola

This was the scared, tired face that came off of the airplane in July.  We were so excited to see her, and she seemed terrified.

But, oh, what a difference time makes!  After just a few short days, she was like a friend you didn't want to leave. And by the end of her five weeks, she was family and we cried.

So, I promised Girls Camp and photos of Pioneer Day,  I am going to have to blitzkrieg the photos!

Here they are:


Pioneer Day, July 24th in Fairview:

And here we go for Island Park, I LOVE YELLOWSTONE:


(This is a silent prayer for a squashed caterpillar)

Going to the zoo, as one of Ola's favorite things is elephants:

And finally, time to go back to Ukraine.  :(

And then she was gone.......