Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mother's Day

Ok, any Missionary Mom knows that there are a few days that make your heart go pitter-pat.  Obviously, Missionary Monday.  You get an update from your kid and know that he/she isn't dead.  You just have to trust the Lord that they ate a vegetable that week and that they aren't washing their darks with their lights.  I mean, exercising faith is a real thing, Peeps!!!

The next best days are Mother's Day and Christmas.  You might be asking yourself, "But why??"

Because Skype, people. We don't talk to our kids on the phone except for Mother's Day and Christmas.  Lucky moms and dads get to Skype and see their face.

My sweet kid wanted to give me a Mother's day present, and here it is:

Mother's Day Ukulele Song

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Hello there!! Another Missionary Monday is in the books!!

Here is Mitchell's most recent letter (he is so funny):

TORNADO AHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!! (we didn't get to see it)

And another week in the books and well it was pretty great.

LUNES ( *looks in journal*): Um my journal says I got a ukulele so that was pretty cool... Oh yeah and we had an awesome volleyball game with the whole zone. (its one of the pictures down there) I had a lot of fun that p day and I got to spend time with Elder Vogt who at this point is like my second bunk mate. We play ukulele every time we go on exchanges

MARTES (Today was a good one): If there is one word to describe this day and really this week is BIKING. We were all over the place. On this day alone we biked 80 blocks in about an hour which really is biking from one end of the city to the other and only because we had lessons on opposite ends of the city... and then one of them didn't even show up. Welp you win some and you loose some.

MIERCOLES (my good friend had to correct me on this one lol): I WAS NEAR A TORNADO!!!! But I didn't even know because we were in the middle of a lesson while it was tearing stuff up. Not gonna lie I am really sad I didn't get to see it. Also we biked 26 MILES! WHY! My legs still hurt from that. Also Also today was greenie follow up. Its where they make sure the greenies aren't dead yet and if they are not, they give them some comfort and then boot them out of the nest again. It was super cool.

JUEVES (This day just never looks write no matter how many times I spell it.... I re-did it like 10 times): INTERVIEWS. Thats really all today was was doing interviews all day long. I only had one but because Elder Smith is a ZL I had to stay at the church all day and Give trainings. And my trainings were on the 7 habits of Highly Successful People. Its a book.

VIERNES (I call this day open day): I had an exchange with my district leading and good laws he opened me up like a hot can of spaghetti... I don't know why I used that analogy but anyway. It was super cool to see my weaknesses along with my strengths and I learned that if we aren't combining both when we look at ourselves we are really just hurting ourselves.

SABADO (The days just blend I am not even kidding): Super Cool miracle, we met a person who was kinda eh for the missionary lessons but when we came back on this day we met her whole family and now we have 6 new people who want the lessons! Miracles happen when you have faith that they will (and if you pray like 24/7 lol) It was an amazing boost to my morale and to me it really showed that this is a living work.

DOMINGO ( gotta blast so this is going to be quick): Basically I got to help confirm two new members to our branch and that was absolutely awesome. I felt the Spirit so strong and I just know that those two will be so happy in the gospel together.

Quick thoughts before I wrap this up. Every day I doubt if what I am doing is right and then I think "No you Satan" because that is exactly who makes us doubt, feel inferior and trash us until we are nothing. Our Loving Father in Heaven only wants the best for us and as we strive to follow him we become better each day.

Well I love all y'all

Elder Evans

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Week uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... yeah that one

Hey all!!  Mitchell is doing great.  I have told him that I need more pictures and more stories of what he is doing.  He is always so happy to chat with me on Monday mornings, as I am with him.

He got his ukulele but hasn't had time to use it or learn any songs yet.  I have continued to nag him for more pictures and stories.  But he is busy doing the Lord's work and he forgets.  He did send me this hilarious video:

Mitchell with his ridiculous southern accent

Here is Mitchell and some of the missionaries in his area:

Mitchell is companions with Elder Smith (not pictured) who is the Zone Leader.  Elder Smith goes on exchanges a couple of times a week to see how the other missionaries are doing.  Mitchell has been paired up with Elder Vogt several times.  Elder Vogt an English speaking missionary so I am not exactly sure if Mitchell speaks English or if they are still looking for Spanish speaking investigators.

He said when asked about what he is eating and how the language is coming:

~They feed us super good and the Espanol is going super well. I am still struggling with saying what I want but I have taught a ton of lessons and I had to take over the area in spanish with an english elder sooo~

And then this a little bit later:

~Yeah I don't even know what I am doing half the time. I kinda just say "Church is true, wanna be baptized?"~

Anyway, we never have enough time to chat back and forth with him.  He is so busy during his computer time on P day.  He has to report to his mission president, read all of his incoming emails, chat with his Helicopter Mother, and then write his big email, the summary of the week. So, here is his email from his 8th week out on the mission, 3rd week in Oklahoma:

LEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSS GO!!!!!!! another week down and you know what that means.... it means we are going to read so things that happened.

MONDAY wait LUNES: Last PDay was pretty chill. we went to a park play sports and stuff. I don't know about you but they refused to play B-Ball with me because my cross would turn their ankles to dust... and because we didn't have a basketball but mainly the first reason. We also had exchanges for the rest of this day and all of the next and let me tell you the next day was a doosy

MARTES: Wow not going to lie this day really um what is the word.... SUCKED! yeah it was awful. Every single thing that we had planned for this day just can celled and it was only when we were in the area of the "cancelie" I felt like a failure because nothing happened but I learned somthing super important. It is "Success isn't what you reap, its what you sow"

MIRACOLES: Today was Zone conference and wow I learned so much. REally what was super cool is that all of zone conference just solidified that success thing. It doesn't matter how many baptisms I have its if the person is truly converted to the lord.

THurday until now because I literally have like no time: A bunch of stuff happened. met Part member families and set them up for success. Talked with less actives and even got an investigator on track again. Really if I can leave y'all on thing it is don't feel down at the times when you are at the bottom of the hill. Failure is only when we give up.

See ya!
Elder Evans

Here's a Black Mime

Well, that is the update from OKC.  Mitchell is doing great.  Thank you for all of your support!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 2... more like NO U; AKA Assisting with a B&E

Well, another week has passed and I am more and more convinced that we send emotional 14 year olds out on missions. Mitchell consistently cracks me up.   The first thing he wanted me to know on our morning chat was that he has taught himself how to play the ukulele.  Here is a little video:

Mitchell sings "I lava you"

After I viewed it and giggled he sent me a text that said:
side note: I have like a huge favor... will you send A) the lyrics to over the rainbow w/ the chords and a Chord list for a ukulele

I said I would.

At the same time he is texting Jeremy:

Dad, will you send me a Ukulele?

Geez.  Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. 

Well, here are about the only pictures I got from Elder Evans this week, and they are mostly from the MTC.  He did send some videos

His district from the MTC. 

Dabbing.. SMH

Lots of craziness

 One more quick video: Random Mitchell

What with all of his crazy, I was so excited to read his email. He is getting some missionary work in, amongst his messing around and ukulele playing. 


Week 2... more like NO U

HEY Y'ALL (thats how oklahomans talk sooo Im trying to integrate)

SO lets just jump right into this "how'd my week go" thing but if you are a little too lazy to read I just sum it up........ it was pretty good

LUNES (im just looking at my last email so no need to be askin anything heh heh) : We had a zone PDay and we went and an escape room thing. if you don't know what that is very simply its like being kidnapped but legal. It was super fun and I got to meet a ton of new missionaries from my zone. After that we had pizza, hung out at a park and then went right back to work. Everyday should be spent helping the Lord.

MARTES (I totally didn't look here): I call this Day GREENIE DAY! because Elder Saldana and I took over my Spanish area all by ourselves..... and we have 8 days in the field at this point. But it doesn't matter who you are because the Lord will make use of you always. We OYM'd (open your mouth.. idk its some weird missionary slang. you had to be there for it to be funny) a ton of people and even set a return appointments with 5 of them, so a good day. Basically this week I spent with other missionaries which is awesome because you learn so much from it.

MIRACOLES (Im just thinking about my golden grahms back at the house right now): I was on splits with Elder Vogt on this day and we got a lot done. We spent the whole day out in the fields close to OKC and we were able to do a lot of lessons in the area and also we had dinner with Brother Simon who is basically a gourmet chef. It was the best food I have ever had. One thing that I really learned is that it is soooooooo important to have a solid testimony of the BOM (book of mormon.... its kind of a thing here) If you have that as a solid foundation the rest will fall in place.

JUEVES (That face you make when you only have like 30 minutes left to email. Thats fine I'm not freaking out [I am sooooooo totally panic writing right now]): We had District Council this day and it went great. Also we had the ZL's at this meeting and the AP's so my whole line of authority was right their in one room (without the President). We sent up Goals on visions on how to more effectively missionary and stuff like that. I don't know about you but those meetings really just go in one ear and out the other soooooooo that was that. After DC though I went with Elder Whitehead to literal BOONIE VILLE, USA Population: WEIRDOS. I am not joking this place is Called Clinton and it was the weirdest place I have ever been. more on that

VIERNES (Now I am thinking of Boonieville... ahhhhhhh. I am so funny): This was day 2 in BOONIE VILLE and the people we saw...... just wow. We met someone who told us to watch his bike and then he proceeded to break into a house, a person who literaly had 30 DOGS! and they were all a mix of drum-roll please...................... Pit-bulls...... I have never been that frightened in my life because they all were barking.... and then to top it off we went to the ghetto of boonie ville so that was cool. But the very interesting part is they still accepted to gospel so really don't judge no one

SABADO (ANNNNNNND I have like 10 minutes): Normal day with my trainer, knocked houses, helped people, ate fried pork out of a cauldron... just the usual. But the Highlight of my week is Sunday

DOMINGO (this is going to be super fast): We call this guy by accident, we tell him we are missionaries, he asks for a prayer over the phone and then after the prayer he asks where our church is. I was thinking "OHHHHHHHHHH YEAH MIRACLE!!!!!!" what then happened is. The Guy shows up and he's basically homeless, lives out of the back of his car and his wife or girlfriend was laying in the back. He then Preaches to us for AN HOUR AND 45 MIN and my comp and I have no Idea what to do. We eventually get him to leave after giving him $40 (not mine or my comps but the bishop helped us at that point) and his wife said "I just wanna go get high now" so yeah no church that day for us.

If I could just leave y'all with this, don't be afraid of A) your testimony and B) asking again to the Lord if the BOM is true because I know it is. And I can type that all day but the one who gives us the truth we seek is the Lord

I love all of you and I will see you when I see you!

Elder Evans

BONUS ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While I was showering Elder Smith barged in, ripped open the shower curtain and then proceeded to shoot me 20 times with his nerf gun.... Oh the Joys of a mission

Monday, April 16, 2018

Oh yeah I am amazing.

So, today is the best day of my week!  The "Get Emails From My Kid Day"! 

As you all know, I miss this monkey like crazy and so I stalk my email when I think he is going to message me so we can chat back and forth.  Today I was a bit distracted, checked my email at 6 am then 7 am then 8 am.  Then I saw something shiny and I didn't check until 10:30 or so.  Oh no!!  Mitchell sent me this message:

I love you. I am only allowed to view and send emails on monday's now and I only get 2 hours to do it, right now I have about 1 hour and 20 minutes sooo thats a thing. I need to figure out how to send pictures because we don't necessarily have WiFi just on stand by, and I am really bad at remembering to. ANNNNDNNDNNDDNDD guess wut, I set a bap date, oh yeah I am amazing. ANd it was in spanish so yeah I am kinda Like the best missionary here😎😎. Imma work on my big email but tell ereone I luv them

So, I chatted with him back and forth for just a few minutes. What did he fail to tell me?

  • His address
  • If he is going to figure out how to send pictures
  • Oh, there are many things. But I will deal with them.

    I am happy as can be because he is absolutely optimistic and thinks he's the bomb.  This song by Kenny Rogers reminds me of Mitchell. LOL

  • Anyhoo, he did finally tell me some of what he is doing. Here is his email to the masses. :)

    Hey Y'all whats up.

    SO this week has been CRAZY, and awesome so I'll just start from the begining

    Lunes (Monday): Travel travel and guess what? more travel. Met new people I guess but I really don't remember much from that day because I was in shell shock the whole time. I left the Spirit Prison, I mean MTC and we just went like crazy till we got to OKC. In OKC I met President and Sister Mansell. They are absolutely amazing and are totally the people I need as my mission President thing. We also ate pizza and played ping pong so yeah super eventful day😄

    Martes (Tuesday): Exchange day. I meet my trainer who is *drum-roll* ................. ELDER SMITH! Okay so maybe that means nothing but I will tell you more. He is super hyped all the time to serve the Lord and anytime he sees an opportunity to serve or preach or teach he jumps right in. Its literally great, and his Spanish is INSANELY good. We went finding for that day and ate lunch at a members house. And finding btw is just looking for people to teach. I am super surprised how many of the Spanish Culture is so open to learning more about the gospel but yeah its crazy. Only thing is we just have to find them. My area is called the OKC North area and I am currently in the OKC 4th Spanish Branch. Its crazy and weird

    Miercoles (Elder smith helped me with that one): Full day of missionary work, as of right now I don't remember many people or many names but one cool thing that happened this day was we saw a drug deal right out in the open, and the people in the deal waved to us and all we said was hi, so yeah thats where we live.

    Jueves (He also helped me here): I went on comp exchange which is basically where I leave my trainer for 24 hours and come back after going to an area I don't even know ( not like I know this one either) the Elder I was with is named Elder Vogt and he is awesome. I got to see a different way to teach and I learned that really the only way that you need to teach is with the Spirit. It was a really humbling and amazing experience

    Viernes (All on my own ha take that Elder Smith!): Finished the exchange but before we did I had the great opportunity to give a blessing to a Member who has been struggling with smoking for years and years but she's finally starting to kick it and that made me so happy to hear. I also taught a lesson with an investigator who is scared to get baptized. I think I told him that to just do it and see that happiness afterward but it was in Spanish and I am not super sure what I said.

    Sabado (Thanks Elder Smith...): Full day of nothing but success, we met and taught so many people who were just going from point A to point B. We met a guy named Tony who is native American and loves to hear about the gospel. Esteban is a kid from Mexico who was taking the lessons but since he moved he lost contact with the missionaries but we totally found him and are now in contact with him. The 3 Marias or in Spanish Los Tres Marias, they are a family whose door we knocked on and decided to have a lesson right then and there and it was amazing to see them so accepting of it. And this night I set up a baptismal date with Gilbert who is totally interested about the church, and I am sooooo excited for him! Basically everything went super well this day and I owe it all to the Lord

    Domingo (I'm not asking on this one heh heh): Sunday was well, um weird. Gilbert went to church with us but to a different ward and basically sacrament meeting in that ward was a complete disaster. No one was reverent, people were just talking with each other during the talks, and one of the talks was about some schooling program??? Last time I check I go to church to show that I love Jesus not some school thing. It was just bad, and at this point all I can do is pray Gilbert comes to the Spanish branch because that one was absolutely amazing. And that one was in complete Spanish but I really felt the Spirit there. The Lord has no set language only the Spirit. 

    This week was crazy and fun. I would upload and send pictures but I haven't gotten my phone yet, but as of right now just know that everyone is a Son or Daughter of God. And they deserve all of the love that we have for them. Serve them as you would serve your family and I know that you will love them as He does. Jesus Christ Lives and this is His gospel. Its true so yeah listen and follow it. Love ya all and guess what??????

    I'll see y'all next week!
    Elder Evans

    Thank you all for reading!!  Check back next week for an update and hopefully a picture or two!!

    Friday, April 13, 2018

    Mitchell Made it to Oklahoma!!

    Mitchell is done with the MTC!!  

    He flew to Oklahoma on Monday, April 9th.  Whether it was against the rules or not, ( I didn't ask) I sent him a burner phone to call me from the airport, and to text me when he touched down in Oklahoma.

    Mitchell is frightfully obedient.  But I told him that "all the cool kids were doing it".  So, he took the phone, with the cookies I sent, and he called me when he got to the airport on Monday.  

    Have I mentioned that he tells me precious little during our emails?  Well.  Phone conversations aren't much better.  

    My phone rang around noon on Monday.  Caller ID said, "MITCHELLS GO PHONE".

    I answered, "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

    Mitchell: "Hello, Mom!!  I love you!"

    Me: I love you too!  How are you??

    Mitchell: I'm great. We are at the airport now.  Just here at Cafe Rio, gonna get a BURRITO!

    Me: Awesome!!  So how are you?? 

    Mitchell:  I am good.  Got my stuff..  Goin' to Oklahoma.

    Yeah.  It kind of went like that. What a nut.

    Let me sum up:
    • He is happy
    • He was sick of the MTC
    • He was delighted to eat Cafe Rio
    • He is excited to get to Oklahoma
    • He is excited to serve
    • If I want to know more than that, I am going to have to get mining equipment and drill for information!

     Elder Evans and the other greenies, getting pizza.

     President Mansell, Elder Evans, and Sister Mansell

     A whole bunch of missionaries

    New companions!  Elder Smith and Elder Evans!!!

    P-Day Update and Easter Egg Hunt


     Hello all!!  We had a wonderful weekend.  Saturday we emailed Mitchell, briefly, and had our Annual Easter Egg hunt with the Jorgensen's. We watched the morning session of General Conference, but had to DVR the second session. 

     Here are some pics from the Hunt:


     Alec, Sheina and Henry

     Melinda, Sheina & Henry


     Cameron and Melinda

     Seth and Mason

     Katie and Randy

     Everyone waiting on the stairs, waiting for the hunt to begin!!

     Logan and Leah

    Annie with her Eggs

    Here is the update from our crazy Mitchell:

    March 31, 2018 email :

    Hey y’all another week in the MTC is just passed and it went by really

    quickly. Mi español es muy bueno pero necesito practicar más. Si usted
    no entiende que este dice, está bien. Mi compañero es muy bueno y muy
    extraño pero le amo. Estoy tratando de usar español más pero es muy
    difícil. Es muy espiritual en el CCM y es muy divertido. Estoy
    esperando salir el CCM y yo tengo mi planes de viaje.
    And back to English, really interesting story that happened this week
    is one of our elders worked out so hard that he urinated blood and
    then needed to go to the hospital for it. Apparently it is possible to
    work out so hard that your muscles start to deteriorate. The Elder is
    fine now, he is just chilling at the hospital with the best way to
    watch conference.

    I’ve learned a lot this week, one thing being that the field is going

    to be a nice surprise. I love what I’m doing and I know I’m in the
    right place. Love the Gospel and I’m so happy to serve. Seeya next
    week y’all

    Elder Evans